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Return To School At-A-Glance

Premier High School - Austin (Wells Branch) will use Genius, BrightThinker, and Google Classroom as the formal method of learning. Students will be required to use all platforms as instructed by their teachers. In addition to these instructional platforms, teachers will also utilize Google Meets as a video conferencing tool.  

PHS Austin (Wells Branch) will offer three options for high instructional practices. Below are the three instructional models:

  1. In-Person Instruction

  2. Remote/Asynchronous Learning

  3. Hybrid Learning

In-Person Instruction will require students to attend their assigned block AM or PM. Students will be required to work on their courses through Knowledge Units or the BrightThinker Online Courses. Students will be required to arrive one time each day and make daily progress. Teachers will take attendance daily on a designated schedule and absences will be documented. 

Remote/Asynchronous Learning will be offered to students who prefer to work at home. Students will work on the same curriculum, BrightThinker or Knowledge Units.  Students will be expected to make daily progress and attend live virtual sessions with their teachers during assigned times.  Student attendance will be monitored through daily virtual live login sessions and required progress on their courses by logging -in through Genius. 

The Hybrid Model will allow students to be on campus during designated times and involved in remote learning on assigned days. This will assist the campuses in ensuring social distancing and will lower our class size providing a safer environment. As in the remote/asynchronous learning, students will be required to attend live virtual teacher sessions and make daily progress on  Bright Thinker or Knowledge Units when working from home.  

Changes in the learning method are restricted to the end of each academic period. Parents must notify the teacher. See school calendar.


Genius is the district's Student Information System, students can access and view their messages and academic information through the student portal. This is where all student information is housed such as progress reports, grades, transcript, attendance, and course enrollments. All students must log in through Genius to access the Learning Management System BrightThinker. 

Bright Thinker

The Bright Thinker student portal allows students to manage their courses by providing a variety of functions for completing assignments, viewing graded assignments, interacting with course content and testing. The Bright Thinker accessibility tools allow students to interact with assessments (quizzes, tests, etc.) through highlighting questions, eliminating multiple-choice options, adding notes, and more. Students can utilize these tools when completing certain assigned activities within their courses. 

Google Classroom  

Google Classroom is a classroom management tool that makes it easier for students and teachers to interact, connect, and share instructional content. It is a digital space where students can view class announcements, access posted course content, view posted assignments, and participate in online discussions, all under the facilitation of the classroom teacher(s).  

Google Meets

Google Meets allows students and teachers to share a live-stream video (webcam), audio, and computer screens in a secure virtual environment. This tool will enable students to interact live with the teacher and fellow students, similar to a classroom environment. Teachers/Staff members will post a meeting link in Google Classroom. The  Google Meets link will be used for live sessions and will remain open throughout the school day to assist students. Google Meets will also be used for conferences between parents/guardians and staff members.  


If you have any problems navigating through these programs, please contact your classroom teacher.

In an effort to ensure that all students receive the help they need and ensure our students are making progress, PHS will be scheduling specific course content blocks during their 4 or 6-hour schedule. Teachers will be providing students with their daily schedules prior to starting school. 

In addition, teachers will be providing social-emotional learning during teacher live sessions. Teachers may integrate social-emotional learning through assignments in Google Classrooms.

All students are required to meet daily attendance by logging-in to live teacher virtual sessions as assigned by their teachers and make daily progress on each of their assigned courses. Daily progress is measured by the number of lessons and unit quizzes required by their teacher. In addition, students will be required to login to Genius every day regardless of the learning tool. A Rubric will be provided to each student. 

Attendance 1-2-3 Rule

  1. Having daily live interactions with their teacher.

  2. Demonstrate daily academic progress by turning in assignments or completing assessments in BrightThinker. 

Daily documented learning time in Genius.


  • Office Hours 

    • Student Questions/Needs: Teachers will be available to respond live (using Google Meets, phone, and/or real-time discussion board) to students during their assigned block schedule. AM Students 8:00 AM - 12:00 and PM/Adult Students 12:30 - 4:30 PM. 

    • Parent/Guardian Contact: M-Th teachers will reserve daily time to return phone calls/emails to parents/guardians. Parents can email their teachers and the teacher will call/email within 24 hours. If it is an emergency, the parent can call the front office at 512-614-4537. 

  • Teacher Professional Learning Communities or PLCs:

    • This is collaborative planning time for teachers in addition to teacher conference periods. 

  • Teacher Lunch: 12:00-12:30 (30 minutes).

All students are required to:

  • Meet daily engagement requirements as assigned by their Teacher for the purposes of meeting academic expectations and meeting daily attendance requirements. PHS adheres to the 90% attendance rule required by the State of Texas.  

  • Students will commit to physically or virtually attending all sessions as outlined in their schedule and actively participate in learning activities.

  • All PHS courses cover all required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

  • PHS is a mastery-based program therefore students are required to meet daily expectations and meet daily goals in order to make the necessary progress. Students must complete one unit at a time and must show mastery by taking a unit test at the completion of the unit.

  • Students must pass the unit tests with a minimum of a 70 to demonstrate mastery.  

  • All students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct while in or outside of school.

Follow the Code of Conduct.

Premier High School is a mastery-based program.  It is crucial that your student manage a pace in order to earn 3-3.5 credits at the end of each semester.  This will ensure that the student is promoted to the next grade level and can graduate on time. Please see the expectations guide in order for students to manage daily learning expectations.  

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way otherwise normal activities are conducted across our daily lives. As such, student interaction must change while in the classroom. Staff, students, and visitors will be required to wear face masks. While in school and during virtual learning, teachers will provide student lessons to promote hygiene, social distance, and in-classroom protocols. 

Emergency School Drills will continue to be an expectation. Under normal circumstances, it is best to practice drills in the same manner that they would be carried out in an actual emergency. However, everything has a COVID-19 overlay at this time. School Emergency Drills will be carried out as close to how they would be carried out in an actual emergency, while still allowing for COVID-19 mitigations. For example, a fire drill should be carried out with the same alerts and same routes as normal, in conjunction with the COVID-19 overlays of physical distancing of 6 feet while wearing face masks. Another consideration for COVID-19 overlay might be to provide hand sanitizer after going out through the doors and after coming back into the building while conducting a drill.

However, in the event of an actual fire, the imminent or substantial threat to life takes precedence over COVID-19. Actions such as physical distancing and wearing masks drop down in level of importance or necessity and evacuating to protect lives and prevent injury rises up in importance. Once there is no longer an imminent or substantial threat to life, then COVID-19 precautions should once again rise up in the level of importance. Specifically, the higher category of threat to life ends and the underlying COVID-19 risk, which never went away, is now at the forefront. This is similar to medical triage where there may be several complaints or issues involving a patient. The most serious one is treated first until it is controlled or stopped and then the next most critical is addressed and so forth.

If you are ever concerned about your student's academics, emotional health, or safety please do not hesitate to contact the Campus Director, Ms. Phillips at